How do I request reviews from my clients?

Agents can easily request reviews from past and current clients through their virtual office. There are email templates requesting reviews provided by RankMyAgent that are editable. To request a review through these templates, you simply just enter your client's email address and press send. You can save the edited template by clicking on the button that says "save template" before sending a review.

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1) Log in to your RankMyAgent profile and click on "Request Reviews"

2) Type in the email of the client(s) (if multiple/bulk, separate with commas) and click "Add"

3) Once you've added your recipients, if you'd like to add them to the "My Contacts" panel, click on the button that says "Add new recipients to My Contacts"

4) Edit the template to your liking

5) To send a copy of the email to yourself, click the box that says so.

6) To save the edited template, click the box that says "Save request review as template".

7) Click "Send Request"

8) To see your Review Requests that you've sent, go to "My Account" > then click "Review Stats". Here you'll see all the requests you've sent, when you sent them, when your client opened the email and if they started the review.

If you're having trouble viewing any of these, please reach out to