How do I update my credit card?

2023 Update: Our payment page is currently being overhauled. Please email us at to assist you in updating your credit card or other billing matters.

Is your credit card up for renewal? Or maybe you just want to easily swap out the card your RMA subscription is currently billing.

Here's how you can securely update your credit card information on an already active RMA subscription:

1. Login to your RankMyAgent account. Not sure how to do this? Here's an faq.

2. Click the "My Account" button in the top right corner (next to the yellow request review button). This will open a dropdown list, select "Your Account" to access your subscription page.

3. On the Your Account page, select the "Edit" button under the bottom right "Credit Card" section. 

*Note: On the "Your Account" page, you can find out when your subscription comes up for renewal, what plan you're on, and you can even edit your billing address! 

4. Once you select the "Edit" button, a pop up portal will appear for you to securely update your credit card information. Simply fill it out and click the update button.

Your RankMyAgent subscription will begin billing the new card the next time your subscription comes up for renewal! 

If you have any further questions or concerns, need help with updating your subscription or changing your plan, please reach out to us at or our toll free number 1-800-615-5978. Our staff is always happy to help you out! 

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