RankMyAgent Graphics and Logos for Marketing Collateral

Download Our Logos

We have a few versions of our logo you could be using.  Please download the .zip file here to access the logos for your branding needs.



The logo should appear to the left of the name RankMyAgent.  The minimum amount of clear space on all four sides of the logo is 1/4 the height of the logo.

White Version (transparent background)


These work great on email signatures

Social Media Icon:

Get the neighbours talking about you!

Premium members of RankMyAgent can order complimentary graphics for riders and sign toppers by sending a request to support@rankmyagent.com

Downloadable Badges

Please find below some of our logos, graphics which can be used  to  help build the word about your awesome service.

You can send these to your graphics team for implementing into your branding activities.


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