What are the Review Guidelines?

Review Guidelines

Who can post on RankMyAgent.com?

Only clients who have completed a transaction with their representing real estate professional can write a review. This allows us to verify that our reviews come from real clients like you. Who better to tell others about the outstanding service of your professional than someone who’s experienced it?

What information do I need to provide in order to post a review on RankMyAgent.com?

To help ensure that the information posted on the site is accurate, we require all reviewers to submit a legitimate email address. We encourage the user to confirm their email address as this validates their review. Users must also provide the property address, date and type of transaction which occurred. This information is used by our team for verification purposes only, and the property address is never publicly displayed. We may, however, use the address to locate the neighbourhood/geographic area so that future clients can see where an agent has been active in. This all helps a future homeowner/customer in the decision making process!Please note that we have a policy of one review per transaction per agent. This means there cannot be more than one review per transaction per agent. 

What are the Privacy Policies of RankMyAgent.com?

For our entire Privacy Policy, please click here.

What are RankMyAgent.com's Posting Guidelines?

  • Length: Reviews should be a minimum of 25 words. This is to ensure reviews are of substance and useful to others. Comments such as "Great experience" doesn't help a future home seller, buyer, or renter understand the experience. The more detail you put in, the greater picture you paint for the next potential client.
  • Posts: In order to stop those dreaded spam robots, we have restricted each user to one review per 24-hour period. You may only submit one review regarding a specific transaction. Once a decision has been made on your submitted review, RankMyAgent will not permit subsequent reviews about the same transaction. Additionally, reviews must be for transactions that were closed within the last 10 years of the current year.
  • Family-Friendly Content: The users of our site vary in age, language level and cultural backgrounds. Please be considerate of others when posting and be sure to utilize family-friendly language.
  • Legal and Non-Infringing: Your review should be legal and non-infringing.  Reviews that don't meet these guidelines will not be posted.
  • Valid Email Address: To ensure our posts come from actual people, we require a valid email address, which will be verified, prior to a posting being published. 
  • There is no reason to insult anyone or use this forum to attack a client or real estate professional, or for that matter, any other Submission author. Ensure that you are writing your review only about the specific real estate professional who represented you. We will not permit reviews based on hearsay. 
  • Reviews must be free from any attempt to obtain money or reduce commissions from an agent in exchange for removing or amending a negative review. If under investigation, it is suspected a reviewer is attempting to obtain financial gain by amending or submitting a review, that review will not be posted.
  • All reviews should be free from any inappropriate content and the following are deemed unfit to be posted:
    • Cursing (Please note: Our platform contains profanity filter that will remove words that are deemed to be insulting).
    • Vulgarity or Obscenities.
    • Racial and cultural references.
    • Threats or violence, physical or non-physical, directed at an individual or group.
    • References to physical attributes.
    • References to criminal, illegal, or unethical activity or other such content intended to defraud or harm another.
  • RankMyAgent does not share the individual opinion of reviewers. We do not ascertain the validity of user-submitted ratings or reviews. Reviewers are solely liable for their statements made in reviews.
  • RankMyAgent reserves the right to post any review deemed fit to post. We have a 14-day period in which we attempt to contact the Agent for approval; if nothing is heard back, we will automatically post the review if it meets our guidelines. 
  • If you feel that you have missed something in your comments, or need to make an edit to your review, RankMyAgent allows a one-time edit opportunity. Please submit your edits to support@rankmyagent.com.

Who is prohibited from making a post?

  • Minors: You must be 18 years of age to publish a review or rating on this site.
  • Owners, Employees, Family Members, Real Estate professionals: Individuals with direct relationships to an agent are asked to refrain from posting on this site. Reviews that can be attributed back to owners, employees, real estate agents and family members will be removed and future recommendations of all types will be blocked from the agent’s account for 6 months.
  • Competitor Postings: We advise real estate agents not to post harmful comments on their competitors' profiles. Should it be determined that such posting has been conducted by an agent, or their representatives, the profile of the offending agent will be removed and their account with RankMyAgent.com cancelled.

Who can respond to a review?

Once a review has been submitted and verified, a notification is sent to the agent, who will then be able to read and respond to the review. If the review is published, the agent is able to respond back.

Who can remove a post?

RankMyAgent.com reserves the right to remove posts that it deems to be inappropriate and do not follow the posting guidelines. Posts can also be removed at the request of the posting reviewer. In addition, agents can request posts be removed from their profile if the posting does not follow the posting guidelines and/or is slanderous in nature.

Why would a post be removed?

  • Promotional Content – Posts that are promotional in nature such as noting Websites, email addresses and other promotional content will not be approved for posting on the site.
  • Relevance - Posts that are deemed irrelevant in content would not be approved for posting on the site. Comments must pertain to the real estate experience as a client. Please ensure your reviews are objectively only about the experience with the Real Estate professional you contractually dealt and completed a transaction with. This means that they must have represented you in the transaction.
  • Personal Information – Posts that infringe upon the privacy of others would not be approved for posting.
  • Intellectual Property Infringement - Posts that infringe or misappropriate someone else’s intellectual property would not be approved for posting and will be removed if posted.
  • Accuracy – Posts that can be proven to be inaccurate would not be posted and otherwise removed from the site if already posted. RankMyAgent urges you to write valid and truthful comments. Ensure that your review is factual accurate. 

Can an Agent ask to have his/her profile Removed?

Yes, an agent can request to have their profile removed from RankMyAgent. Once the removal request is completed, the agent is removed permanently, will not be allowed on the platform, and is barred from re-joining. RankMyAgent believes in connecting consumers with the best real estate agents across North America.

What languages can posts be written in?

Posts can be written in English or French. We also have Review Requests (to send to clients) available in English, French, Mandarin or Cantonese.  You can request these at support@rankmyagent.com


The opinions expressed in contributions are those of RankMyAgent users, and not of RankMyAgent. RankMyAgent does not accept responsibility or liability for any reviews or responses. RankMyAgent is a distributor (without any obligation to verify) and not a publisher of these comments and responses.

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