Do you have an integration with LoneWolf?


RankMyAgent and brokerWOLF have teamed up to give you this time-saving tool. This tool will help you streamline the client satisfaction process for agents, and reduce the manual processes and time required to administer client surveys. With the RankMyAgent integration, surveys will be automatically sent to clients the moment a Transaction is Closed in brokerWOLF, without any additional data entry. 

Getting Started

In order to use this automation, your broker must already have a Broker account for  RankMyAgent.

Agents who wish to send surveys to their clients must also have their own account with  RankMyAgent, and their primary e-mail address in brokerWOLF must be registered with RankMyAgent. If your e-mail address on RankMyAgent is not the same as your e-mail address in brokerWOLF, this automation will not work properly.

Therefore, if the Agent does not have a RankMyAgent account, or has not registered their primary e-mail address, then option to send a survey will still appear when finalizing a Transaction, but no survey will be sent to their clients.

Contact your Lone Wolf Trainer to configure the RankMyAgent brokerWOLF integration.

How to Set-Up your RankMyAgent Automation on brokerWOLF

RankMyAgent surveys are triggered when users finalize Transactions/Trades in brokerWOLF. Surveys are only sent to the Agent-represented Side (Listing Side will send a survey to the Seller, Selling Side will send a survey to the Buyer, Agent Double Ender will send a survey to both).

  1. Navigate to 2.1 - Transactions.
  2. Select the desired Transaction.
  3. Select the Commissions or Agent Info tab.
  4. Select Finalize.
  5. A prompt will appear finalizing the sub-trade. From Close Status, select Closed.
  6. Select OK.
  7. A prompt will appear requesting instructions for RankMyAgent. Select Send.
  • If the Send button is clicked the Buyer/Seller will receive an e-mail from the Agent's e-mail address.
  • Agents will also receive an e-mail notifying them that a survey has been sent to their client(s).
  • Clicking the Don't Send button will result in no survey being sent for this Transaction. Once the Don't Send button is clicked you will not have option to send a survey for that Transaction.
  • If the Transaction does not have an e-mail address for the Buyer/Seller, the Agent will receive an e-mail notifying them that RankMyAgent could not send the survey.
  • If you clicked the Don't Send button in error, or received notification that the survey was not sent due to an invalid or missing e-mail address, Agents can log in to their Virtual Office on and send a survey to the client(s) manually.

Responding to Surveys

Filling out the survey is simple. Tell your clients to:

  1. Click the RankMyAgent link ("Click here") in the survey e-mail.
  2. Fill out the survey.

  3. Click Confirm Review. Clients will receive an e-mail asking them to confirm their review.
  4. Clients will be sent a validation e-mail with a link to verify their review. This will redirect to the RankMyAgent site and confirm that the review they filled out has been successfully submitted. 
New RankMyAgent users will also receive an additional e-mail containing a username and password for future reviews.

Survey Results

Log in to your  RankMyAgent virtual office to read and manage your reviews.

You will be able to:

  • Respond to client reviews
  • Read breakdowns of client reviews
  • Publish review summaries on RankMyAgent, and much more! Read the full features here.

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