Submission Guidelines

Your writing + RMA = match made in heaven. 

If you've got a submission you'd like to submit, we want to read it! 

So, who can submit an article?

If you're an real estate agent or broker, we'd love for you to submit your written piece to us. 

When can I submit? Is there a limit on how many times I submit?

You can submit anytime, and there are no limits on how many times you can have an article published on RMA. The more times you submit a new article, the more visibility and SEO you accrue!

What should I write about?

The sky's the limit. As long as it's real-estate related, we're interested in your article. If you'd like some inspiration, here just a few topics for you:

  • Your personal experiences & life lessons from your real estate career.
  • Specific/valuable insights to neighbourhoods or areas.
  • What's helped your business? Tell others about your unique practices or new tech that you've used and think would help them too!
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly - tell us about both sides of the coin of a policy or action that may be controversial or new.
  • Anything that you find important, or that you have never read about.

Here are some guidelines:

  • Your written piece should be at least 700 -1000 words, and longer if need be.
  • Plan your headline out, then follow with an outline to plan your article.
  • Try not to spend too long introducing your topic, and get to your subject.
  • If you have a list within your article, try to limit your actionable items to 3 - 5 points.
  • Be direct, use simple language with active verbiage. Make it easy to read. 
  • Please refrain from making your submission into an advertisement for you or your company.
  • Make sure you edit and revise your submission before sending it to us.

How do I submit an article?

It's easy! Just shoot us an email at

What happens after I submit my article?

Once we receive your submission, we'll begin to review it to see where your article could fit into our upcoming publishing dates. If we think there may be something to enhance or otherwise edit, we'll reach out to you. When the article goes live, we'll let you know and provide links so that you may share it too! 

For your reference, we do reserve the right to edit the content of the article as we see fit. We also reserve the rights to all published content on RMA. 

We also ask that if you are being paid to promote or insert links into your written content, that you either tell us or refrain from doing so. 

Have questions?

We're always happy to help! Contact for any questions or concerns.