How do I add photos to published reviews?

Give your reviews an even more organic feel by adding photographs to any of your published reviews.

To add photographs to your published reviews:

Or follow these written instructions:

1. Login to your RankMyAgent dashboard. 

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2.  Access My Account -> 'Reviews'

3.   Scroll down to the section with 'Live Reviews' and Pick the review you would like to add a photograph by clicking on the '...'

4.  Click 'Manage Photos'

6.  Upload the photograph you would like to add. Please ensure you have permission of the reviewer and other parties involved in the transaction to upload the photograph.

What can you add photos of?

Your clients with that SOLD sign, the home you just sold or helped buy. The possibilities are endless! 

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Please note on the basic plan, up to three reviews and photographs display.  

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