How do I create a request review template?

Have you ever wanted to send the same request review email out many times without having to retype it? Maybe you wanted to craft a specific template to reuse for all your buyer clients and a different one for your clients that sold their property.

We have a solution for you. Save multiple request review templates on your premium RankMyAgent account!

Find out how to use your "Request Review Template" function below:

OR follow these 5 steps to start adding your templates now: 

1) Log in to your RankMyAgent account. Click the "My Account" button in the header, and select "Review Templates" from the options. 

2) Once you are on the "Review Template" page, click the blue "Create New" button to get started creating a new template. If you have no saved templates yet, this page will be empty. Once you create a new template and save it, your templates will then be populated in this page for future use and editing. 

Pro Tip: Copy the default template we have for you and paste it into the new template to start. This will give you all the survey links to appear correctly and you can edit the content to meet your needs.

You can also refer to our Ultimate Bundle of Reviews Templates to use our pre-made templates based on the type of request you want to send!

3) On the "Create Template" page, you can begin customizing your email that will be sent to your client asking them for a review! The "Subject" field will be the email subject your clients see in their email inbox, and the "Content" field will be what is contained within the email itself. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you include the @REQUEST_REVIEW_URL tag in your template (all capitals). By including that tag on your email, the system adds a hyperlink/button that takes your clients to your review page, so they can begin writing a review for you. If your email does not contain that code, your client will receive an email with all the text you wrote but no link to begin writing a review.

We encourage you to use your own style when writing your email. Our best performing RMA realtors have found that clients respond best to requests for a review emails that contain personal connection to you. 

4) Make sure to click the green "Create" button to save your draft.

You can save as many templates as you like. Please feel free to send the template to yourself as well once you've created it to check out how it will look for your client! 

5) Great job! You've finished creating a template. The next step is to send it to your client

If you're having trouble viewing any of these, or if you need any assistance, please feel free to reach out to We're always here to help!

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