How do I request reviews from my clients?

Using RankMyAgent's editable templates (we call them Review Requests) in your Virtual Office, you can easily send out review invitations to your clients. Why send them from RankMyAgent? Our Review Requests are a great way for you to track who you've sent a Review Request to, as well as allowing your clients to leave you a review with one click of a button! 

To do this, simply click on the "Request Review" button (which you can access from any page while logged in), enter your client's email address and press send! You can save your edited template by clicking on the button that says "save template" before sending a review.

Here's an easy 6 step guide:

1) Log into your RankMyAgent account and click on the "Request Review" button.

2) Type in the name of your client to the search bar on the left if you've already added them to your contacts (see here for how to add contacts through the "Contacts" page). As you type the name an/or email address of your client, the contacts that match will appear on the dropdown list. Once the desired contact appears, select them from the list

Or, if you haven't added in your contact already through the Contacts page, create a new contact through a shortcut on the request review page by clicking the little "+" button. Next, add in their information in the pop up. Then hit save and your new contact will be added. Then you will be able to type in the name or email of your client and they will show in the dropdown list.

*Note: Once you've successfully selected the contact you want to send a request for a review to, their email will show up below the contact search bar. 

* Note for brokerage accounts: We've added a new function for brokerages to request reviews on behalf of the agents within your brokerage. Log in to your brokerage account; hit request review; on this page, there will be another field labelled "Select Agent" above the "Send Request To" field. Simply click that search bar and a dropdown list of all your agents will appear, select the agent you would like to send the request for a review on behalf of and proceed as per normal.

3) Next, select a template to send to your client by clicking the arrows on the far right of the "Template" bar. A dropdown list should appear with all the templates you have saved. (Learn how to save templates here). Once you've selected your desired template, you can still edit and make changes to the template in the "Subject" and "Message" boxes.

If you have not already saved a template, feel free to use and edit our default template in the "Subject" and "Message" box. Once you've edited it, if you'd like to save your message as a template to reuse in the future simply checkmark the button at the bottom of the page that says "save request review as template"

4) If you would like to receive a copy of the email in your inbox that your client will receive in theirs, please checkmark the "send a copy of the email request to myself". Your newly sent request review email will land in whatever email inbox you used to sign up for your RankMyAgent account. 

*Note: If you checkmark the "send an auto reminder to trigger a reminder in 7 days" option, your client will still receive your initial request review email and also will receive a reminder email 7 days later. 

*Note: "Send an auto reminder" function to trigger another reminder email after 7 days is currently still in testing stages and will be coming soon to RMA.

5) Finally, you need to press the "Send Request" button and your request will be sent. After you press the button, the page will refresh and then you may send another Review Request!

6) To see the Review Requests that you've sent or check on the status of your review request (to see if it is sent or if you client has opened it), go to "My Account" > then click "Review Stats". Take a peek at this faq to learn more about how the Review Stats page tracks your Review Requests.

Congratulations! You've successfully sent a request for a review!

If you're having trouble viewing any of these, or if you need any assistance, please reach out to

Continue Reading for Examples:

This is the agent's view of the default Review Request below:

Please note, this is  not what will be seen by your clients, but is simply the template. You may send a Review Request to your own email to see what this looks like in action, or view the sample that is in this FAQ. Scroll down to see. 

*(We ask that you do not touch the links that are within this message, for example "<a href=""20943">" This is an embedded link we use to track the status of the review (found in the Review Stats page) and to allow your clients quicker access to your survey page.*

This is a sample of what the Review Request email would look like to a client:

We're always here to serve you better, please reach out to or call us at 1-800-615-5978.