How do I request reviews from my clients?

Using RankMyAgent's editable templates (we call them Review Requests) in your Virtual Office, you can easily send out review invitations to your clients. Why send them from RankMyAgent? Our Review Requests are a great way for you to track who you've sent a Review Request to, as well as allowing your clients to leave you a review with one click of a button! 

To do this, simply click on the "Request Review" button (which you can access from any page while logged in), enter your client's email address and press send! You can save your edited template by clicking on the button that says "save template" before sending a review.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

1) Log into your RankMyAgent account and click on the "Request Review" button.

2) Type in the email of the client and click the "+ Add" button to add it to your Recipients.

If you have multiple emails to add, separate the emails with commas and leave a space in between. For example:,, etc.

3) Once you've added your recipients and clicked the '+ Add' button, you should see them under the 'Recipients'  as shown in the photo below. 

If you see the email address show up under 'Recipients', then it has been added successfully. 

If you'd like to add the email(s) to the "My contacts" panel for future use, please click on the box that says "Add new recipients to My Contacts". This is optional.  Please note, the email addresses will not appear in your My contacts list until after you've sent the request.

How do I delete an email from Recipients?

> You may delete an email from Recipients by clicking on the trash icon beside the email. Don't see the email in the Recipients box? Please clear your browser's cache and reload the page, then try again. If you've cleared the cache, and are still experiencing any issues, please contact us at

4) Scrolling down to the editable template, you may now edit the Subject and Message fields from the template to suit your needs.

Please note, this is not what will be seen by your clients, but is simply the template. You may send a Review Request to your own email to see what this looks like in action, or view the sample that is in this FAQ. Scroll down to see. 

*(We ask that you do not touch the links that are within this message, for example "<a href=""20943">" This is an embedded link we use to track the status of the review (found in the Review Stats page) and to allow your clients quicker access to your survey page.*

This is the agent's view of the Review Request below:

> This is a sample of what the Review Request email would look like to a client:

5) To send a copy of the email to yourself, click the box beside "Send a copy of the email request to myself".

> To save the edited template, click the box that says "Save request review as template". You can select both options at one time if you wish.

7) Finally, you need to press the "Send Request" button. After you press the button, it will bring you to the top of the page to confirm, and then you may send another Review Request!

> To see the Review Requests that you've sent, go to "My Account" > then click "Review Stats". Here you'll see all the requests you've sent and other details such as: when you sent it, when your client opened the email, and/or if they started the review. 

> This is a sample of the Review Stats page:

If you're having trouble viewing any of these, or if you need any assistance, please reach out to