How do I Request a Review using a Direct Survey Link?

You can request a survey from a client without logging into RankMyAgent (RMA)! This could be useful if you want to add a link to your CRM system or just send a survey link from your personal e-mail.

Note: ‚ÄčIf you want to try if your Direct Survey Link works, you have to log out from your RankMyAgent account first, as the system won't allow you to access it if you're logged in.

Here are two options on how to get your direct survey link:

Option 1: Use the standard format.

You may use the following format for your direct survey link:[type your RMA ID here]

Please replace the [type your RMA ID here] with your RMA ID. To check your RMA ID, please log in to your account. You will be greeted with your RMA ID upon logging in.

For example, our Agent Lory Hughe's direct survey link is:, wherein her RMA ID is 67096.

Option 2: Search for your RankMyAgent profile.

1) Search for your name in the search bar of  '' and click your name that appears. Please make sure that you are logged out of your RMA account.

2) Click the 'Write a Review' button.

3) Copy the URL address and save it.

Note: The status of Review Requests sent through direct survey links cannot be tracked by our system, unlike how our built-in Review Request* system does.

*Only available for Premium subscriptions

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