What is the Review Stats Page?

Ever wanted to track if your request for a review grabbed your client's attention? Or perhaps, you simply want to check if the request for a review sent at all. At RMA, we want to help you figure out what works and what doesn't. We created the "Review Stats" page to track the progress of every request review email.

Here you'll see all the requests you've sent and other details such as:  when you sent it, when your client opened the email, whether or not they started the review, and/or if the review survey has been completed

*Note: This tool only works for emails sent through the RankMyAgent request review function. Emails sent from your own inbox that contain RankMyAgent links are not trackable through "Review Stats".

This video goes over how to access and use your Review Stats page:

Here are some tips and tricks on what the stats mean and how to make use of them:

  • "Date Sent" & "Email Address": these two columns are pretty self-explanatory - it shows you the date that the review request was sent to your client and you can also check for typos in the email address here.
  • "Message": Try clicking into the "view" button under the Message column. This will show you a preview of the message you sent to your client. 
  • "Delivered" & "Viewed": These two columns indicate if the request for a review was sent and if your client opened the email in their inbox. N/A is indicative that this action has not yet been completed.
  • "Survey Started": This column indicates if your client opened their email, and clicked into the request review link on your email to them. If your clients have received the email but not viewed it, after a few days a friendly reminder email to them may be helpful (send this personally from your own inbox to check if maybe the email was forgotten or it landed in their spam).
  • "Survey Completed": This column indicates if your client managed to successfully fill out the whole review survey, submit it, and our team has received it. 

*Please note, once the survey has been completed, the review must still undergo the verification process and will not publish immediately unless certain criteria are met. Check out this faq to learn more

This is a sample of the Review Stats page:

*Please note that a survey may indicate as "Survey Started" but not "Survey Completed". This means that your client likely clicked the link to begin the survey but did not finish the survey or the review was interrupted during submission. If your client has indicated that they have fully completed the survey but the "Survey Completed" column is indicating otherwise, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support staff for help.

If you have any questions or concerns or are experiencing undue delays, you can reach us at support@rankmyagent.com. We're happy to help!

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