How does the review process work?

In this FAQ, we'll show you how the review process works.

Here's the journey of a Review:

1) Once a review is submitted on RankMyAgent, our system begins to process the review. 

2) You will receive an email notification asking you to Confirm or Flag the review. You will need to respond by clicking on Confirm or Flag. If you do not choose an action, it will be automatically posted after 14 days if it meets our  Guidelines.

Here's what the email notification looks like:

2) If you click Confirm, the review will get automatically posted. In order to be automatically posted, it has to follow the following criteria (in order): the reviewer must verify their review via the email confirmation they receive, it must contain a full address, and of course, you must hit the Confirm link. If this doesn't happen, your review will default to our standard procedure, which is: our human moderation team will post the review within 8-24 hours after you hit Confirm. If it has been longer than this, please read our  FAQ on what may be delaying this process.

3) If you click Flag, a 14-day Moderation Period begins. We call this our "Early Resolution Advantage Period", wherein we give you time to mitigate the situation. If it does not meet our  Guidelines, it will not be posted. However, if it does meet our Guidelines, you, the agent, can follow up with your client to remedy the situation. If there is no resolution, you have the option of submitting a response to the review. This response will be put in with the review so it may be seen along with the review.

Here's some more FAQs relating to the Review Process:

Why do you need the full address of the transaction?
In order to verify the review, as well as to ensure we do not have any spam/duplicate reviews, we require the full address of the transaction. The client must have had a firm/closed transaction to buy, sell or rent a property within North America in order to write a review. The transaction address is validated and verified with the Agent prior to posting on RankMyAgent. The transaction address in never shared on the site and is solely used for verification of the review.

What if my client wants to be anonymous?
If your client doesn’t want to provide their real name, they can provide a pseudo name. This request can be made to us at and we can add a pseudo name to appear on the public site.

What if my clients don't want to complete the survey online?
If any clients would prefer to complete the review offline, we do have paper versions of the survey that can be scanned and emailed back to us.  Please email them to


Watch our video on how clients can write Reviews on RankMyAgent.