Why Did I Not Receive a Notification After my Client Submitted a Review?

Your missing review is most likely in your "Awaiting Reviewer Verification" tab.

After a reviewer submits their review, we send an email to their inbox with a link to click on to verify their email. They must verify their email to complete the process on their end. Without their verification, the regular "Review Confirmation Needed" email, which an agent normally receives to approve or flag a review, will not be delivered.

When your clients forget to verify their email, their review will go to the "Awaiting Reviewer Verification" tab in your account.

Note: We implemented this audit step to avoid spam reviews. Clients who have not received our verification email might need to check their Spam, Junk, or Promotions folder. Unfortunately, we are unable to re-send the confirmation email to clients again.

How to check for reviews that are in the "Awaiting Reviewer Verification" category:

  1. Log in to your account. Click "My Account' then "Reviews".

  1. Click "Awaiting Reviewer Verification".

  1. You will then see all of the reviews that your clients have not verified. Click the "View full feedback details" to see the details of the review.

  1. The transaction details, which include the transaction address, time, and date, are on the left side. The reviewer's name and their review are on the right side of the page.

What can I do?

If you have reviews in "Awaiting Reviewer Verification", you can either:

  • Remind your clients to verify their emails. (They may need to check their junk or promotions folders); or
  • Send us an email at support@rankmyagent.com to check on the review status. Our team can manually push the review through if we get confirmation.

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