Why is my Review Not Published Yet?

After your client submits their review, there may be several reasons why your review has not been published yet. These reviews can fall under any of these categories:

I. Pending Reviews

These reviews have not been published yet because they are awaiting your confirmation. To learn how to confirm your pending reviews, you may refer here.

II. Awaiting Moderation

These reviews are not live on your profile yet because they are currently being moderated by our team. Reviews flagged by an agent or reviews with incomplete transaction details (e.g., complete property address) fall into this category. Our team needs to investigate the reviews to ensure that they meet our Review Guidelines. A notification will be sent to you whether a review will be published or not.

III. Awaiting Reviewer Verification

These reviews have not been posted because the reviewer did not verify their email after they submitted their review. Without their verification, the regular "Review Confirmation Needed" email, which an agent normally receives to approve or flag a review, will not be delivered.

To learn more about reviews that are awaiting verification and the next steps that you can take, you may click here.

Note: We implemented this audit step to avoid spam reviews. Clients who have not received our verification email might need to check their Spam, Junk, or Promotions folder.

Unfortunately, we are unable to re-send the confirmation email to clients again. You can send us an email at support@rankmyagent.com for further assistance. 

How can I view a list of my reviews that have not been published yet?

To view all your pending reviews, awaiting moderation, and awaiting reviewer verification that are on the system, you may follow this guide.

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