How do I add Build Your Business Widgets to my website?

Say goodbye to static testimonial displays on your website!

Build your Business Widgets can be added to help you share your reviews on your website. Check out our informative guide on How to Add Build Your Business Widgets onto your personal sites and build engagement with prospective clients by integrating RankMyAgent widgets. 

How to Add Your Reviews onto your Website:

Training Video Tutorial:

1) Login to your RMA account. Head to "Widgets" at the top of your screen.

2) At the top, there will be widget codes called Simple Widget and Simple Wide Widget. These are the HTML codes you can copy to your website to display your reviews.

The left hand side of your screen is an example of the Simple Widget's appearance. The Wide version will display the reviews across the page, instead of in a narrow widget.

How do I control the number of reviews that display in my widget? Which widget code should I use, Narrow or Wide? Read this FAQ for more Widget Information.

3) Once you have decided on which widget you want, copy the whole code and put it into the source code area of your website.

If you have a web developer who runs your website, please copy the code into an email OR text document (ex: Microsoft Word, Notepad, etc.) and send the code to them. We'd recommend you provide them clear instructions of where you want them to place the widget within your website.

Once you have installed, that's it! The widget will now update automatically as soon as you get a new review on your RMA profile.

Other Available Widgets:

Circle + Square Widgets:

Need a smaller widget that still defines the credibility of your business? Our circle and square widgets are what you're looking for. These widgets will update the review count and overall percentage score based on your RMA profile. To install, follow the same steps above of copying the code over to your website.

"Read My Reviews" Buttons:

Interested in putting a widget into your email signature to direct others to read your client-verified reviews? Head to our FAQ about how to add these buttons into your email signature.

If you have won an RMA Award...

You can display your award badge on your website! The widget code should be displayed beneath your review display widgets. Widget codes are only available for the current year of awards. Got questions or need help with your badge? Please contact our team at

Are you a Team Plus/Brokerage Account? Head to our FAQ on how to access your team's widget codes and how to customize its display.

Looking for specific coding for more personalization with your website? Head to our documentation FAQ on customizing your code.

As always, if you require any help with installing your widgets, please send us an email at

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