How do I add a widget to my email signature?

If you'd like to add one of our Buttons to your Email signature, please follow the following steps:

1) Log into your account and go to the Widgets tab.

2) Then go to the widgets page and select the button you'd like to use in your email signature. Save the image.

3) Before you leave the page, copy the coding below the button.

4) For this example, we're using the Mailbox app on an Apple Computer (Macbook), but we'll also include an example on Gmail after.

Go into Preferences, under the Mail tab, and then go into Signatures. Click and drag the button image that you previously saved into the box.

6) You'll now want to add a link to the button, so that viewers can click on the button and it will go to your reviews.

Right click on the image, select "Link", then select "Add Link". 

Note: If the "Add Link" and "Link" selections are not appearing, simply highlight the image. While the image is highlighted hit the "command" and "K" keys on your keyboard simultaneously. 

In the box that pops up, you're going to want to put in the code. Once you've done that, you want to select only the web address of the widget. It will look something like this:

Press OK, and you're set.

For Gmail, it is similar. 

1) Log into your Gmail account, then select the gear icon to go to your Settings.

2) Scroll down until you see the section for a Signature box. Click on the Icon that looks like a picture, and select the button image.

3) Once you've added the image, you can't add a link into the image directly. So create a line of text to go beneath or beside the image. For example: "Read My Reviews Here!" Paste the web link in the Web Address bar. Click OK.

4) Once you've done this, don't forget to scroll down and press save.

If you need any help or have any further questions, please email us at

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