How do I add a widget to my email signature?


For our main tutorial, we will use Gmail. If you have a different email provider and want to see how to access your email signature settings, head to our section called "Extra Resources". 

Table of Contents:

  • Main Tutorial (via Gmail)

Extra Resources

  • Outlook Web Version
  • Outlook Desktop App
  • (COMING SOON):  MacOS settings with "Mail" Application

If you'd like to add one of our Buttons to your Email signature, please follow the following steps:

1) Login to your account and head to the Widgets tab

2) In Widgets, you will scroll to down the page until you see the "Buttons" section. Choose the button you'd like to use and hover over the .png image. Right-click and choose "Save Image As".

Save the image into your computer where you can find it again.

3) Go to your email provider and sign into your account.

4) In your email provider, head to the settings icon and find the option to :"see all settings" 

5) Scroll down the page until you find the "Signature" settings. You can either edit an existing email signature or create a new one. Once in your chosen signature, go to the option of "insert image". Choose the .png file you saved from step 3.
6) You have the button inserted, now you need to link the button to your RMA profile. This allows recipients of your emails to be brought to a web page when they click on your button.

6A. First, find a website page's URL that you want to direct people to with your button. We'd recommend grabbing your RMA profile URL. Head to the address bar and copy the URL.

6B. Next, go to your email signature and highlight the button image by holding the left-click and dragging your cursor. 

6C. Go to "Link" option and click on it. 

In the popup, go to "To what URL should this link go to" and paste in the URL from 6A.

Hit "Ok" to save.

7) You're all set! Head to the bottom of your settings and click on "Save Changes". You can now send out emails with your button included!


We understand that there are multitudes of different email providers. Universally, all should have a similar structure to our tutorial above. If you do not find your email services below, please try a quick Google search on how to find your email signature settings. If you need any assistance, please contact us at

Outlook Email Settings:

Outlook has two versions, the Online (web) version and Outllook App/Microsoft Outlook.

  Web Version: 

a. Login to your account at Microsoft and go to the settings icon. Scroll to the bottom and go to "View All Outlook Settings".

b. Go to "Mail" -> "Compose and Reply". Here your email signature settings can be found.

Follow the exact same steps from our tutorial above starting at Step 4.

Outlook App (Desktop Version):

If you have Outlook/Exchange installed into your computer, please follow the steps of getting to your email signature settings.

A. Open the "Outlook" app on your computer and sign into your account, if you haven't

B. Click on "File" at the top and then select "Options" at the bottom.

C. In the Options menu, click on "Mail" on the left-hand panel. Find "Signatures" and click on this option.

D. In this setting, create a new signature or click to edit an existing one. You can now edit your email signature. Please resume at Step 4. 


Di. (In correlation to Step 6 above) In Outlook App version, once you have added in your Button, select the image by clicking on it (the grey squares will appear on the edges if successful)

Dii.  Right-click on the selected button, and hover over to the MORE option under "Link" for more options. Select "Insert Link".

Diii. In the popup, copy and paste your URL (from Step 6A) into the "Address". Hit Ok to save.

Once done, "Save" your signature and hit "Ok" to close your settings.


Note from Support Team: We will have this section updated to 2023 for Mac Users soon. In the meantime, please refer to the guide below or check out this tutorial for detailed instructions.

1) Log into your account and go to the Widgets tab.

2) Then go to the widgets page and select the button you'd like to use in your email signature. Save the image.

3) Before you leave the page, copy the coding below the button.

4) For this example, we're using the Mailbox app on an Apple Computer (Macbook), but we'll also include an example on Gmail after.

Go into Preferences, under the Mail tab, and then go into Signatures. Click and drag the button image that you previously saved into the box.

6) You'll now want to add a link to the button, so that viewers can click on the button and it will go to your reviews.

Right click on the image, select "Link", then select "Add Link". 

Note: If the "Add Link" and "Link" selections are not appearing, simply highlight the image. While the image is highlighted hit the "command" and "K" keys on your keyboard simultaneously. 

In the box that pops up, you're going to want to put in the code. Once you've done that, you want to select only the web address of the widget. It will look something like this:

Press OK, and you're set.

If you need any help or have any further questions, please email us at

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