Can I import existing testimonials?

Yes, we can do a one-time import of up to 20 of your existing testimonials. 

If you would like to import a testimonial that you already have existing on your website or elsewhere, please let us know at and we will send you our Testimonials Template to fill out. 

The Process:

After you fill out the Testimonials Template, please send it back to for processing. Once we receive the template, we begin processing the request. This means that we contact the clients via email for their approval and consent to copy/paste their reviews onto our site. Your client does not need to rewrite anything, but simply answer "Yes/No". Once we have their approval, our team will upload the client's past testimonial onto your profile.

Please allow for at least 5 business days for us to process. (We do not send any other emails to your clients and respect their privacy). 

Why do we do this? This is to maintain our values of credibility and transparency as a trusted, third-party platform. We do our due diligence in verifying that all reviews as based on our Guidelines.

Our Testimonial Template Guidelines:

  • Please read our Review Guidelines to make sure your testimonials will meet these before submitting.
  • You may submit up to 20 testimonials to be processed.
  • Please fill out all the necessary information in the template.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact us at

Note: This is only available to agents in the paid premium plans and is the only premium feature we do not include during your free Premium Trial.

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