How do I edit my Team Plus or Brokerage Page?

This allows you as an admin to make updates to your team plus or Brokerage profile. If you need help resetting your passwords email us at To learn more about our various plans click here

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to update your Team Plus or Brokerage page:

1) First log in and click "Account" > "Edit Profile".

Office Photo and Logo

2) On the left hand side there are the options to "Upload New Logo" and "Upload New Office Photo". The pictures uploaded have to be .jpeg or .png files.

Note: The office photo is different from the profile picture.

The following example shows what clients will see when they open the page. The top left is the logo and under "Overview" is the office photo. 

Social Media Pages

3) Underneath "Upload New Office Photo", there are three sections to input links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This button will allow clients to find more information about you on your social media pages.

Note: You will need to include the FULL URL address for the integration to work. For example when inputting the Facebook URL it should display in a format like this:

Google Reviews

4) If there have been any changes to the "Brokerage Details" update these on the right side. Insert the link to your Google Business Page under "Amplify your Brokerage's Reviews on Google". This will prompt your clients to also submit their review to your Google Business page when leaving a review for an agent of your office/team.

Note: Need help getting the Google Business Page link? Check out this FAQ about how to find the review link to help clients replicate their reviews to Google.

Note: Each agent of your team/office has this functionality within their account's "Edit Profile". If your agent has not chosen to send clients to their own Google Business Page, by default clients will be sent to your brokerage's / team's Google Business Page. 

"Contact Us" Button

5) Potential clients are able to submit a contact form by clicking on the "Contact Us" button on your public profile. In order for this to appear on your public profile, update the "Contact Email" field with the email that you want potential clients to reach you at. 

An email via RankMyAgent will be sent to this inbox whenever someone completes the form, which contains their message, name, and contact information.

The following example shows what public members will encounter if they use the "Contact us" button.

Save Changes

6) When everything has been updated, make sure to "Save Changes" either in the top right corner or bottom right corner. 

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