How do I get my Google Reviews on my profile?

It's here! 

We've got a brand new integration for Google Reviews.**

You can now have up to 5 of your Google Reviews displayed on your RMA Profile Page*.

Google determines which 5 are displayed by most relevant.

Want this on your RMA Profile Page? Simply email us at

*Available for Premium subscriptions only. Find the best fit plan for your needs.

**Reviews are retrieved using an API integration with Google Places.

You must have a functioning Google Place ID registered with your Google Business Page for integration to connect. This may require you to enter a street address to your Google Business Page, if not added already, for Google to generate your unique Place ID.

Want to test if your Place ID is working? Head to Google Places and type in your exact Google Business Page title. If your entry appears, then your unique Place ID exists for our integration to connect.

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