How do I download graphics of my reviews?

So, you've built up a great online presence and want to start sharing your RMA reviews across the web. Maybe you have an Instagram, Facebook, or another image based social media account. Maybe you just want your reviews to go farther in the internet and want to add them easily to your paper marketing materials. We have a new, easy way to do this! 

Save yourself and your staff the hassle of creating all new design content over and over for all your reviews. Find out below how to download ready-to-use professional graphics for every single review:

Or follow these text instructions: 

1)  Log in to your RankMyAgent account. Then click the "My Account" button in the header, and select "Reviews" from the dropdown list. 

2) Scroll down to where you can see your published reviews and hover over the three dots in the bottom right corner of your desired review. A list of four options will appear, please select "Download Graphic". 

Note: The "Reviews" page will show all reviews that are currently associated with your RankMyAgent account. In the "Pending Reviews" and "Awaiting Moderation" sections are reviews that have not been published for the public to see. The reviews in these sections will not have the download graphics function, only reviews that have already been published will have the function to generate graphics.

To publish reviews in the "Pending Reviews" section, simply click the review and select "approve", the publication process will then begin. To publish reviews in the "Awaiting Moderation" area, please check out this FAQ on why it may be taking some time. 

You can also add a photo to your review (and subsequently your downloaded graphic). To learn how, you may check this FAQ.

3) Your graphic will then download immediately to your desktop files. The graphic will be 1212x747 in pixel dimensions which should easily fit on your Instagram or Facebook pages should you choose to post them there! 

Another way to download your graphic:

Once a review has been published, you can download the graphic in the email notification sent to you.

If you're having trouble with this process or if you need any assistance, please reach out to

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