Awards FAQ

1.How are winners selected for the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Canada for 2023?

 Winners of the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Canada for 2022 are calculated based on the quality, ranking and rating of reviews recorded on transactions that occurred between January 1st, 2023- Dec 31st, 2023.

2.How can a real estate agent be selected for the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Canada list?

To be short-listed for the Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Canada list you must collect reviews for transactions that occurred in the  Jan - Dec 31st time-frame on The quality, ratings and number of reviews for transactions that occurred during that time-frame are used to short-list real estate agents for this award.

All reviews on RankMyAgent are based on firm or closed transactions and written by real clients that have worked with the real estate agent.

3.What are the benefits for being selected Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Canada?

Real Estate Agents that are selected for this prestigious award are one of the most trusted and respected in the communities they serve.

The recipients are recognized for their commitment to excellence in their profession and outstanding customer service by badges customized with their names and award type that can be easily  shared on social media, badges automatically displayed on profiles, personalized award widgets are made available that can be used everywhere including the winner’s personal website. Other opportunities include video marketing opportunities, press releases, and promotion on our blog.

4. How does the RankMyAgent rating/ranking platform work?

RankMyAgent has a database of thousands of client reviews on real estate agents across Canada and growing in the United States. Reviews are written by real clients who have had an experience working with the real estate professional throughout the entire sales experience. All reviews on RankMyAgent are based on firm/closed transactions.

Reviews are honest opinions from prior clients who have had real experiences working with  that real estate professional.

RankMyAgent verifies every review in our system so that you can trust what you read. Fake reviews left by an agent’s family and friends, themselves, or a third-party paid to leave fake positive reviews are rejected on RankMyAgent.   Real Estate professionals cannot pay to have reviews hidden or removed  and  RankMyAgent doesn’t receive referral fees for the professional you pick. We recommend you research real estate professionals openly on the platform.

RankMyAgent has thousands of reviews and real estate professionals represented. Real Estate professionals can get a free account here  which will allow their reviews to be displayed on

When a real estate professional finishes a sale, they can send a request for a review within the platform or a client can find them online and proceed to write a review.

Real Estate professionals need to register for an account if they would like a profile on

What is your review moderation process?

When reviews are submitted and evaluated to be slanderous, or don’t meet our standards, they are rejected. This includes reviews that our internal team considers to be fake positives. We have a sophisticated system in place to ensure that the authenticity of each review is verified before upload to the database. That said, we have found that both agents and the public value the extra steps takes to ensure legitimacy. Our focus truly is to protect the public, the agent and provide a valuable, unbiased perspective.

5.Can I share my ratings and reviews on

Yes, with RankMyAgent you can display your reviews and  ratings on Here is more information on how to do this integration which is available for free for all professionals across Canada to use.

6.How does a Real Estate Agent get a profile on RankMyAgent?

It is free to get a profile on RankMyAgent for Real Estate Agents. To get a profile, you can register for a free account here.

All real estate agents must be currently licensed and in good standing in order to have access to RankMyAgent. Accounts are verified by the RankMyAgent team prior to giving access to the RankMyAgent platform.

7.Is free to use?

RankMyAgent is free for the public to research for real estate professionals to work with in their chosen area.

RankMyAgent is also free for real estate agents to get a free basic account.

Professionals can pay for a premium profile that allows them to integrate their RankMyAgent profile with other websites, use personalized URLs, and access other premium features. Agents who pay for a premium profile do not receive any special preference for their listed reviews, and their rating and testimonials remain unbiased. You can learn more about RankMyAgent’s plans here.

8.Does RankMyAgent collect referral fees?

RankMyAgent does not collect any referral fees if you connect with a real estate professional and a deal transpires. This ensures the RankMyAgent platform remains unbiased to all parties.We encourage you to openly research agents on our platform.

9.Can you get RankMyAgent agents' reviews removed?

RankMyAgent reviews follow very strict review guidelines. If you feel a review has failed a review guideline and should be removed you can notify us to investigate.

10.  Can anonymous reviews be posted on

All reviews written on RankMyAgent have to be written from a client that had the complete experience working with the real estate agent up to the point of firming up a transaction/closing. While clients can choose not to share their real name, we do need a verifiable email address.

11.  How do I leave a review on RankMyAgent?

To leave a review for your real estate professional on RankMyAgent you can respond to the request for review that a real estate agent has sent or you can find them in the write a review survey page. Here is more information on how to write a review.

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