How to Help Your Clients Leave RMA Reviews on LinkedIn After Reviewing

Amplify your Reviews with RankMyAgent and LinkedIN

***NOTE: January 2023: Please Read***

We are currently investigating an error due to LinkedIn's changes to their website. Your client may need to login to their LinkedIn accounts first, then access the link on the landing page of step 7, to paste their review.


Now as you collect RankMyAgent reviews, you can also easily collect LinkedIN recommendations!

Our newest integration allows your clients to easily share reviews from RankMyAgent (RMA) to LinkedIN as recommendations

* Please note this integration is only available to premium Agents, Team lite, Team plus accounts. Learn more about our plans here >>

If you are a Real Estate Professional, here's how you can complete the integration:

Or follow these instructions:

1. Log into your RankMyAgent Dashboard

2.  Head over to 'Edit Profile'

3.  In the ' Amplify your reviews' section you will see the LinkedIN section

4.  You will need a shortened version of your recommendation link. Once you have the shortened version, you can copy it to the LinkedIN section of RankMyAgent

The format of the shortened version will be as follows:

Copy this link above but replace 'your linkedIN profile name' in bold with your own personal profile name.

Please note, You can find your linkedIn profile name by logging into linkedIN and viewing your profile.

PRO TIP:  Once you have your shortened version of the LinkedIN profile, open another tab on your browser and check if it works.

6. Once confirmed it is working, you can go  ahead and save the link to your LinkedIN section of your RankMyAgent profile and click 'update profile'

7.  Now when your client leaves a review for you and verifies it, they will be requested to copy the review from RankMyAgent and paste it on LinkedIN as a recommendation. Please note they should be logged into LinkedIN to post a recommendation on the platform.

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