How do I add my reviews to my Facebook Business Page?

You can syndicate your reviews onto your Facebook Business Page using our Share your Success Widgets and an Static HTML iFrame tab. This tab will allow you to showcase your recent reviews as they come in, without manually adding them every time. 

If you need some tech help in implementing, reach out to us at and we will get our tech wizards on it! Please note this integration works for RankMyAgent premium accounts. 

Here is the Comprehensive Guide:

- Please log into your RankMyAgent account to obtain the Widget code. Once logged in, go to the "Widgets" tab.

-  Find the "Wide Version" and copy. (You can paste it onto a notepad to save it, or keep that window open.) 

- In a new tab, go to your Facebook Business Page 

- Once you are on your Facebook Business page, navigate to the search bar, click in the search bar to activate it and input "Static HTML". Then in the dropdown, click "Static HTML: iframe tabs".
This is the app you need to input our widget. 

- You'll be taken to the search results page. Click the "Use Now" button shown for "Static HTML: iframe tabs" under "Apps".

- You'll then be taken to the Static HTML: iframe tabs page > click "Add Static HTML to a Page".

- You will be taken to the following page, wherein you'll select your Facebook Business page (if you have multiple, please select the appropriate page). 

- Click on "Facebook Pages" > from the dropdown menu, select the name of the page > then click "Add Page Tab".

- You'll be taken back to your Facebook Business Page and on the "Welcome" tab > select "Edit Tab".

- Right-click and click "Paste" to place the widget code from RankMyAgent > click Save & Publish

- Click on "View on Facebook".

- The reviews are listed under "Welcome" on your Facebook Business page tabs - we're now going to change this text, 

- Scroll up to the top of this page and click on "Settings".

- On the left panel, select "Edit Page".

- Scroll to the bottom of this page and to the tab that says "Welcome" > then click on its "Settings".

- This grey box will appear (Although it is defaulted to "ON", please ensure that this button remains "ON" to show this tab) > then click "Edit Settings". 

- A pop-up window will appear > replace the "Welcome" text with "Read My Reviews" or "RankMyAgent Reviews" > click "Save" > then click "OK".

- To replace the default image, save the image below to your desktop (it is the exact size needed):

- Then select "Change".

- First, hover over the star image and you will see "Edit" appear in the right-hand corner > once you click this, a pop-up window will appear > select "Choose File" > select the image you just saved.

- You'll automatically be taken to this page:

- You're done! If you go back to your Facebook Business Page, you'll now see the tab and widget implemented.

Changing the Tab Order: You can change the order of the tabs on your page by clicking "Settings" > "Edit Page" > selecting the tab and dragging it to its new location. 

Have questions? Please reach out to us at